A social media guru who has connected businesses with thousands of new consumers, an outside-the-box marketing whiz who has increased revenue across multiple industries, and a mother of two beautiful munchkins and the fury beast, Harper.

Specializing in big ideas, Rachel has also had success as an author, blogger, and designer.  She adheres to two basic rules: coffee is best served with ice and white chocolate, and conversation is best served with red wine.

A native of rural Ohio, Rachel has spent over 20 years in development consulting, event planning, business management, and marketing. She also read the Steve Jobs full biography in an afternoon, cooks ridiculous homemade chicken noodles in an hour.

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Creating a maintaining a wedding business is tough. Let me help you with a process that will streamline your brand and clients. Are you ready to take your Wedding Business to the next level? 

I will help you develop a brand that “wow’s” your potential clients from their first contact and cultivate a client experience that will leave them wanting to name their first child after you. Are you ready to convert your leads into “I Do’s”?


Brand Style?

Before you write a word of copy, determine your brand colors, or fonts you must clearly define your brand style so you can better connect with your ideal clients. Let's discover your brand style with 8 simple but powerful questions!

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"No joke, I was freaking lost about branding! I had some ideas, but they were all jumbled up and didn’t match anything lol. Answering the branding questions from Rachel really made me sit and think about how to make a killer brand that represented me. LOTS of changes later we finally hit what I was looking for. Rachel is insanely patient and kind, and makes changes quickly. 100% recommend!"

Janae Marie, Janae Marie Photography

"Words cannot even begin to describe how much I love the new website that Rachel created for me. I gave her very little direction except that I wanted it to feel like “me”. Let me tell you, the girl NAILED IT! She clearly did her homework! I literally cried happy tears after just the first preview she sent me! Rachel is so easy to work with and pays attention to every little detail. Working with Rachel is one of the best decisions I have made in my business!"

Leah Lamberson, Leah Lamberson Photography

"Branding. It’s a word I dreaded when asked what my brand was, and/or represented. Trusting someone else to come up with a palette, pattern, and design that is cohesive with what you are, is EVERYTHING. Rachel did JUST that. I was scared answering questions in fear that I was wrong but when I received my first draft, I knew I had chosen the right person. Responsive to my requests and ideas, she shaped and created the most beautiful branding board. Cohesive and brilliant. Five stars. I’ve already recommended her to many, and will continue to do so. ❤️"

Jennifer Vernarsky, Jennifer Vernarsky Photography


Does your brand need a makeover? Are you looking to launch a new business and need the right look? Let's create a stunning look that wow's your potentional clients.

SHOWIT Website Design

Your website is your resume and the first place a potential client will land. Let's keep them there and convert them to clients.

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Are you more of a DIY type person? Check out our template shop to get started on your new brand today!

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Boss Babes

Are you ready to learn tips and tricks to take your Wedding Business to the next level?  Check out our blog for the latest!

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Here are 5 ways to keep your audience in the loop of your holiday promotions

Black Friday is only 3 weeks away. Do you have your holiday sales strategy in place? As a small business owner, it can feel overwhelming trying to “compete” with all of the sales...

Flodesk + Showit
Landing Page

Flodesk has become my go-to for email marketing. It doesn’t just have the visuals I have been longing for but an open rate that has been unmatched!

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Wedding Boss Babes

Pre-Made Brands, SHOWIT Website Templates, Courses and so much more! 
These stunning resources will elevate your client experience and brand!

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Emily Williams Designs Co.

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Pre-made brands are brands already built and ready to customize to be yours!  They each include a logo, alternate logos, monogram logos, color palette, patterns/textures, a note card, business card, email signature, brand sticker design, and Facebook cover.

Amber Washington Photography

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Pre-Made Brand

Pre-made brands are brands already built and ready to customize to be yours! They each include a logo, alternate logos, monogram logos, color palette, patterns/textures, a note card, business card, brand sticker design, and Trello Board.

Pre-Made Brand

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